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With iOS 9 being out for nearly five months now, you would’ve expected all the top video apps to already be including picture-in-picture for the iPad. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case with YouTube and a few others. If you’re feeling the hurt from not being able to catch up on your favorite YouTuber’s latest videos while multitasking around your iPad, then check out CornerTube, a new YouTube utility app focused on PIP. CornerTube lets users quickly jump into videos on YouTube, all the while enabling that missing PIP feature. It gets even better once you start utilizing the included Today widget in Notification Center and Action extension in other apps.

With no word in sight on when it will be enabled in the official app, multiple others have offered up their own solutions on a YouTube and PIP feature. CornerTube’s lightweight app has taken that a step further, all the while looking to make the video watching experience faster. The app focuses on getting the user into watching the video they want, without trying to be a full-blown YouTube replacement app. The Today Widget captures any copied YouTube link from the clipboard and places it into your Notification Center, and the Action extension allows you to launch directly into a video from a YouTube link. These are really great when browsing through your Twitter feed when you want to hop right into watching the latest discovered video without leaving the app you’re already using.