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How To UnRoot Nokia X v11.1.1 with Video

How To UnRoot Nokia X v11.1.1 with Video

by UmarApril 16, 2014

So now after rooting Nokia X v11.1.1, you have decided to unroot it. This unrooting is for version 11.1.1. For unrooting version 10.0.3 click here. Unrooting Nokia X is as simple as rooting it.



Proceed at your own risk. Rooting a device can potentially brick it and make it unusable. Also rooting will void the warranty of the device. If any untoward event happens, or any of its members will not be held responsible. Proceeding forwards acknowledges that you agree with this.
Make sure to exactly follow the steps mentioned to successfully root your device. Also do check out the video showing the complete tutorial.

So let’s begin with the unrooting of Nokia X:

  1. Watch the video here

  2. First of all you will need to download the package containing Nokia USB Drivers and Kino Root Software. (Download here). Extract the package. It will contain 2 folders.

  3. If you have rooted it using Kingo Root the skip to Step 8.
  4. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Check USB ‘Debugging’
    root_nokia_X_v11_1_1 (2)

  5. Connect the device to the PC. Open Windows Device Manager (Right Click My Computer > Properties > Device Manager)

  6. In the device Manager you will see Nokia_X (RM 980). Right Click and select ‘Update Driver Software‘. In the next windows that pops up select ‘Browse My Computer For driver software‘, and select the folder ‘Nokia X USB Drivers‘ which you downloaded from the above package.
    root_nokia_X_v11_1_1 (3)

  7. Click Next to install the driver. After installation you will see ‘Nokia Composite ADB Interface‘ in the Device Manager.

  8. Now go to ‘KingRoot_NokiaX_Mod‘ Folder which you downloaded and start ‘SuperRoot.exe‘ as an administrator.

  9. Disconnect and Reconnect Nokia X from your PC and KingoRoot Software will start to search for your device.

  10. After the software detects the device, click REMOVE ROOT button at the bottom of the software.unroot_nokia_x_11_1_1

  11. Wait for the software to unroot the device.

  12. That’s it. Nokia X v11.1.1 has been unrooted.

  13. You can verify the unroot by downloading Root Checker.apk (Download Here)

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