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April 6, 2014

Download Nokia X Multitasking App – Quickly Recent Apps

You can directly install the app (Quickly Recent Apps) from the apk or install it from Google Play (if you have Google play installed on your Nokia X).

You can also download another app which is like Google Play, named 1Mobile Market. I used it to download the multitasking app (Quickly Recent Apps) to Nokia X as I didn’t install Google Play yet on the device.

Use the File at your own risk

Download here for the Multitasking App apk (Quickly Recent Apps)



Download here for the 1Mobile Market

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April 6, 2014

Nokia X Best Multitasking App

The anticipated launch of Nokia X – The first Android based phone from Nokia created ripples in the sea dominated by Samsung Phones.

Nokia is catching up, a good move by Nokia after all. If Nokia starts to make phones based on Android, they have a good chance of surviving. That said, Nokia X is a good phone. Only thing i hate about the phone is its UI. Yes Nokia is at an early stage with Android, so they can be given some time to close this gap. But you can install other launchers in Nokia X to make yourself comfortable with it. Also lack of multitasking app in Nokia X really irked me. So it made me look out for some solution. And I found an app [...]

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