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Top 5 Email Subscription WordPress Plugins | Must Have
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It’s much important to have a Newsletter for your blog and out of all types of Subscription options we can have today, we should focus a little more on Subscription by Email. You can also use Aweber, Getresponse or other email subscription and you should keep in mind that you need more and more email subscribers.


Read why you need email subscribers

Building an email list on your blogs is always a huge asset for your online blog, considering you are trying to produce content regularly. Most people, including me didn’t know how to get the readers subscribe to the blog. Here comes the work of Plugins, which can help you achieve that. There are many WordPress plugins, which will help you present your readers with subscription forms but here are 5 plugins which will benefit you more likely.

1. OptinMonster:

OptinMonster is a great solution for internet marketers, bloggers, developers, eCommerce websites, and all other small businesses. If you want to grow your email subscribers and improve your lead generation efforts, then all you need is OptinMonster.

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You can create and customize beautiful optin forms from their large template library without any coding knowledge and you can use OptinMonster on client sites.



2. WP Subscriber magnet

This is also a goodplugin to get more email subscribers, this plugin costs $37 (on a single site), and worth the money you spend.

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 Few features of this plugin are:

  • Optin Form embedded inside the comment
  • Automatically subscribe the commentators to your autoresponder when they make their first comment
  • Great looking popins
  • Optin Form at sidebar
  • Subscribe checkbox at comment
  • Optin form in the footer
  • Entice your readers to subscribe in your email list by automatically filling up their user name and email address



3. Optin skin

Optin skins is developed by Glen Allsoop which helps easily build an email list on your posts. This plugin is used by many high end traffic blogs. This plugin helps you to create opt-in forms at the end of your blog posts to make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your email list without any hassle. You have to bear $67 for a single website and that money really tackles your need for email subscriptions.


Some of its features

  • #1 Split-Test Your Way to Higher Conversion Rates
  • #2 Fully Customise Our 18 Default Designs
  • #3 Draw Attention to Your Opt-in Forms with ‘Fade’
  • #4 Impressions Only Count If Your Form is Seen
  • #5 OptinSkin Can Power Your Custom Designs
  • #6 Place Skins Anywhere On Your Blog with One Click
  • #7 Works with All Email Marketing Services



4. Welcome gate

A Welcome Gate™ is a cross between a popup and a squeeze page. But it’s far less annoying and aggressive than both (while still delivering serious results).


Here’s how a Welcome Gate works . . .

1. When someone goes to your home page, they’re redirected to a squeeze page that looks like this. (the page is at a url like

2. Your Welcome Gate has a “skip this step” link, so folks aren’t required to opt-in.

3. Folks are only redirected to a Welcome Gate when they go to your home page (i.e. if someone links to a specific blog post on your site — from twitter or their blog — your Welcome Gate won’t display).

4. If someone goes to, they’ll be redirected to your Welcome Gate at . . . but if they get confused and type in your home page URL, they’ll simply be taken to your home page.

5. A visitor will only see your Welcome Gate once in their lifetime (unless they go to your site again with another computer or browser, or clear their cookies . . . the chances of this are very high).



5. Popup domination

PopUp Domination comes as both WordPress and as a Standalone version, meaning you can install it on a variety of platforms.


This takes about five minutes, and you can change everything from the color and header, to the image and call-to-action.


Costs you $9 for starter kit and $29 for Plus kit.


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